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Advanced Statistical Steganalysis

Advanced Statistical Steganalysis

| edition 2010 | PDF | 285 pages | 2,6 mb Steganography is the art and science of hiding information in inconspicuous cover data so that even the existence of a secret message is .. read >
Disappearing Cryptography Second Edition Information Hidin

Disappearing Cryptography, Second Edition: Information Hiding: Steganography & ..

Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann | ISBN: 1558607692 | edition 2002 | PDF | 413 pages | 18,7 mb Disappearing Cryptography, Second Edition describes how to take words, sounds, or images .. read >
Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security IV

Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security IV

broadcast monitoring, movie fingerprinting, steganography, video indexing and retrieval, and image authentication. Data hiding and cryptographic techniques are often combined to .. read >
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Fundamentals and T

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Fundamentals and Techniques

techniques, such as image watermarking, digital steganography, document processing and classification, solar image processing and event classification, 3-D Euclidean distance .. read >

Ultima Steganography 1.7 Portable

9mbqe Ultima Steganography rar
Size: 4mb # server:

Noiseless Steganography: The Key to Covert Communications

kuryt Noiseless Steganograp pdf
ISBN: 1439846219
Size: 8mb # server:

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