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The Challenge of Pluralism Paradigms from Muslim Contexts

The Challenge of Pluralism: Paradigms from Muslim Contexts (Exploring Muslim Contexts)

and its lack of compatibility with notions of pluralism. Some noted liberal thinkers have even argued that pluralism itself is inherently antithetical to Islam. This volume .. read >
Common Ground Islam Christianity and Religious Pluralism

Common Ground: Islam, Christianity, and Religious Pluralism

Ground": to undertake a study of religious pluralism as a theological and social reality, and to approach the two religions in tandem as part of a broader discussion on the .. read >
Interpreting the Free Exercise of Religion The Constitution

Interpreting the Free Exercise of Religion: The Constitution and American Pluralism

religiously mandated attire. Evans advocates pluralism as a compromise between liberal individualism and communitarianism. Religious freedom, she shows, can make room for .. read >
Political Pluralism and the State Beyond Sovereignty Routl

Political Pluralism and the State: Beyond Sovereignty (Routledge Innovators in Political ..

future shape and role of the state. Political Pluralism and the State is the first work in political theory to bring together IR, comparative politics and political theory .. read >
Self and Identity in Modern Psychology and Indian Thought

Self and Identity in Modern Psychology and Indian Thought

perspectives as univocalism, relativism, and pluralism. .. Springer; 1 edition | September 30, 1998 | ISBN-10: 0306458446 | 434 pages | PDF | 1.82 Mb East meets West in this .. read >
Contemporary Islam Dynamic not Static

Contemporary Islam: Dynamic, not Static

world who tackle issues such as intellectual pluralism, gender, the ethics of political participation, human rights, non-violence and religious harmony. This book provides a .. read >

The Second Arab Awakening: And the Battle for Pluralism

ArabAwakening pdf
ISBN: 0300186398
Size: 1mb # server:

Dialogues on Human Rights and Legal Pluralism

dhlgj Dialogues on Human Rights and Legal Pluralism zip
ISBN: 9400747098
Size: 2mb # server:
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