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1001 Designs for Whittling and Woodcarving With Over 1800 Il

1001 Designs for Whittling and Woodcarving With Over 1800 Illustrations

cookie molds, toys, weathervanes, cigar-store Indians, sundials, caricatures, and many other projects. 1,821 illustrations. .. Publisher: Dover Publications | ISBN: 0486283623 | .. read >
Model Rebels The Rise and Fall of China s Richest Village

Model Rebels: The Rise and Fall of China's Richest Village

chronicle of a village on the northern China plains during the post-1978 economic reforms. It examines how Daqiu Village led by Yu Zuomin, a Communist Party secretary and .. read >
Flood Damaged Property

Flood Damaged Property

change and the development of property on flood plains, the flooding of buildings has become a considerable problem, both for property owners and their insurers. This book, based .. read >


one character describes the unnamed western plains community at the center of the novel: "It is a very small place. Sometimes you wonder whether it exists at all, it is so .. read >
High Iron Mungbean Recipes For North India

High-Iron Mungbean Recipes For North India

book were prepared to suit the palate of North Indians. The selected ingredients are inexpensive and easily accessible to rural families as well as the urban poor. The iron .. read >
Food Culture in South America

Food Culture in South America

The traditions of the primary groups—Indians, Europeans, and Africans—and their five centuries of mixing have still resulted in a stable food culture. The foods of .. read >

The Plains Wars 1757-1900

the plains wars 1757 1900 pdf
ISBN: 1565858379
Size: 14mb # server:

Dakota - The Story of the Northern Plains

0803269293 pdf
ISBN: 0803269293
Size: 5mb # server:
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