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Optimality Theory in Phonology

Optimality Theory in Phonology

| 624 pages | PDF | 1.6 MB Optimality Theory in Phonology: A Reader is a collection of readings on this important new theory by leading figures in the field, starting with a .. read >
Introduction to English Linguistics

Introduction to English Linguistics

to English linguistics)especially syntax, phonology and morphology . the first link deals with syntax , phonology and morphology whereas the second link deals with semantics and .. read >
Patterns in Child Phonology

Patterns in Child Phonology

An advanced introduction to the acquisition of phonology and the first textbook on normal (non-disordered) phonological acquisition. This book steers readers toward an .. read >
A Computational Phonology of Russian

A Computational Phonology of Russian

synchronic, broad-coverage, generative phonology of Russian. I test the grammar empirically in a number of ways to determine its goodness of fit to Russian. In taking this .. read >
Prosodic Categories Production Perception and Comprehensio

Prosodic Categories: Production, Perception and Comprehension

| PDF | 3,4 MB Located at the intersection of phonology, psycholinguistics and phonetics, this volume offers the latest research findings in key areas of prosodic theory, .. read >
English Sound Structure

English Sound Structure

as much about phonological theory as about the phonology of English. It is primarily designed as a university-level text for use on intermediate and advanced courses, but it will .. read >

The Phonology of Norwegian (The Phonology of the World's Languages)

The Phonology of Norwegian pdf
ISBN: 0199229325
Size: 2mb # server:

The Phonology of Italian (The Phonology of the World's Languages)

jplmv The Phonology of Ital pdf
ISBN: 0199290792
Size: 1mb # server:
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