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Moduli of Vector Bundles

Moduli of Vector Bundles (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics)

details the latest developments concerning moduli spaces of vector bundles or instantons and their application. .. Containing papers presented at the 35th Taniguchi International .. read >
The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves

The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves

a survey of research results on the geometry of moduli spaces. It introduces the basic concepts of the theory: Hilbert polynomial, slope, stability, Harder-Narasimhan filtration .. read >
Deformation Theory Graduate Texts in Mathematics

Deformation Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)

of Schlessinger, infinitesimal study of moduli spaces such as the Hilbert scheme, Picard scheme, moduli of curves, and moduli of stable vector bundles. The author includes .. read >
Handbook of Teichm ller Theory Volume II

Handbook of Teichmüller Theory, Volume II

in the broadest sense, namely, as the study of moduli space of geometric structures on surfaces, with methods inspired or adapted from those of classical Teichmüller theory. The .. read >
Champs alg briques

Champs algébriques

since then, mostly in connection with moduli problems: the increasing demand for an accurate description of moduli "spaces" came from various areas of mathematics and .. read >
Handbook of Teichm ller Theory Volume I

Handbook of Teichmüller Theory, Volume I

It is a basic tool in the study of Riemann's moduli space and of the mapping class group. These objects are fundamental in several fields of mathematics including algebraic .. read >

Moduli of Curves

c0f7k Moduli of Curves zip
ISBN: 0387984291
Size: 3mb # server:

Advances in Moduli Theory

2014-07-05-63-0821821563 zip
ISBN: 0821821563
Size: 15mb # server:
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