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Meta Analysis An Updated Collection from the Stata Journal

Meta-Analysis: An Updated Collection from the Stata Journal

descriptions of both standard and advanced meta-analytic methods and their implementation in Stata. Readers will gain access to the statistical methods behind the rapid increase .. read >
The Handbook of Organization Theory Meta theoretical Perspe

The Handbook of Organization Theory: Meta-theoretical Perspectives

scholars in organization theory to engage in meta-theoretical reflection on the historical development, present state and future prospects of organization theory as a scientific .. read >
Biotechnology and Communication The Meta Technologies of In

Biotechnology and Communication: The Meta-Technologies of Information (Lea's ..

and digital information technologies as meta-technologies--qualitatively distinct from both the tools first used in the premodern era and the industrial technologies that .. read >
Metaheuristics for Scheduling in Industrial and Manufacturin

Metaheuristics for Scheduling in Industrial and Manufacturing Applications

| 345 pages | PDF | 2.9 MB This volume presents meta-heuristics approaches for scheduling problems arising in industrial and manufacturing applications. Nowadays, metaheuristics .. read >
PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence

PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence

planning, and machine learning. The coverage of meta-programming includes meta-interpreters and object-oriented programming in Prolog. The new edition includes coverage of: .. read >
The Vienna Development Method The Meta Language Lecture No

The Vienna Development Method: The Meta-Language (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Method" and some motivation offered of the meta-language which is the part of the method of concern in this volume. Following this a review is provided of other work done in .. read >

Meta-Programming and Model-Driven Meta-Program Development: Principles, ...

1447141253 pdf
ISBN: 1447141253
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Meta-analysis in Medical Research: The handbook for the understanding and ...

1405127333Meta pdf
ISBN: 1405127333
Size: 4mb # server:
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