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Elementary Set Theory

Elementary Set Theory

notes for the course 'Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics' given each year to first-year undergraduate students of mathematics in the University of Hong Kong since 1959. The .. read >
Shadows of the Truth Metamathematics of Elementary Mathemat

Shadows of the Truth: Metamathematics of Elementary Mathematics

and clearly describe hidden structures of elementary mathematics which may intrigue, puzzle, and—like shadows in the night—sometimes scare an inquisitive child. The real life .. read >
Mobius Inversion in Physics

Mobius Inversion in Physics

bridge the gap between the principles of pure mathematics and the applications in physical science. After the Mobius inversion formula had been considered as purely academic, or .. read >
250 Problems in Elementary Number Theory

250 Problems in Elementary Number Theory

in five specific areas of this branch of mathematics: divisibility of numbers, arithmetic progressions, prime and composite numbers, and Diophantine equations. There is, in .. read >
New Scientific Applications of Geometry and Topology

New Scientific Applications of Geometry and Topology

generally considered to be "pure" mathematics. Recently, however, some of the methods and results in these two areas have found new utility in both wet-lab science .. read >
Review of Elementary Mathematics 2 Edition

Review of Elementary Mathematics, 2 Edition

copies, this book assumes no prior knowledge of mathematics and makes accessible all of elementary math, including the basics of algebra and geometry. It features up-to-date .. read >

One, Two, Three: Absolutely Elementary Mathematics

cl1zv One Two Three Absolut pub
ISBN: 0375423338
Size: 4mb # server: uploaded.net

Discrete Mathematics: Elementary and Beyond

2nyk7 Discrete Mathematics Elementary and Beyond zip
ISBN: 0387955844
Size: 4mb # server: uploadable.ch
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