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GNU Linux Application Programming

GNU Linux Application Programming

that came together to produce a world-class operating system. Richard Stallman created an organization to build a UNIX-like operating system. He had tools, a compiler, and a .. read >
Operating System Principles Prentice Hall Series in Automat

Operating System Principles (Prentice-Hall Series in Automatic Computation)

programmers a general understanding of operating systems--the programs that enable people to share computers efficiently. To make the sharing of a computer tolerable, an operating .. read >
Beginning Red Hat Linux 9

Beginning Red Hat Linux 9

using (or planning to use) the Red Hat Linux operating system for the first time. It offers the simple, plain−speaking guidance you need as you begin to explore the vast .. read >
UNIX Power Tools 3rd third 4th Edition OReilly

UNIX Power Tools, 3rd third 4th Edition O'Reilly

If we were writing about any other operating system, "power tools" might mean "nifty add-on utilities to extend the power of your operating system." That sounds suspiciously like .. read >
Metro Revealed Building Windows 8 apps with XAML and C

Metro Revealed: Building Windows 8 apps with XAML and C#

on Microsoft’s eagerly anticipated Windows 8 operating system are unveiled in this fast-paced 80-pageprimer. Windows 8 contains the revolutionary Metro application framework for .. read >
os x exploits defense

os x exploits defense

Sucks.” Mac OS X was an entirely different operating system. Most classic Mac OS applications were compatible, but only when operating inside a special run-time environment. All .. read >

Operating System Concepts with Java

047050949XOperati rar
ISBN: 047050949X
Size: 11mb # server:

Operating System Concepts Essentials

0470889209sys pdf
ISBN: 0470889209
Size: 5mb # server:
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