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Model Driven Risk Analysis The CORAS Approach

Model-Driven Risk Analysis: The CORAS Approach

risk analysis, using either offensive or defensive approaches to identify and assess risk. Offensive approaches are concerned with balancing potential gain against risk of .. read >
Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server

Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server

and to be safely reused by others. The goal of defensive database programming, the goal of this book, is to help you to produce resilient T-SQL code that robustly and gracefully .. read >
Thinking in C Volume 2 Practical Programming

Thinking in C++, Volume 2: Practical Programming

cover the finer points of exception handling, defensive programming and string and stream processing that every C++ programmer needs to know. Special attention is given to generic .. read >
Reptiles and Dinosaurs

Reptiles and Dinosaurs

of scales they have. Their scales may have defensive knobs and spines, as is the case with the tails of some lizards, or they may form crests along their necks, backs, or tails. .. read >
Islam Between Culture and Politics

Islam Between Culture and Politics

the pressure for cultural innovation and a defensive move towards the politicization of its symbols for non-religious ends. Tibi proposes a depoliticization of the faith and the .. read >
Coaching Lacrosse For Dummies

Coaching Lacrosse For Dummies

with loads of tips and plenty of offensive and defensive drills. This friendly guide helps you grasp the basics and take charge on the field. You’ll get lots of expert advice on .. read >

Pluralsight - Defensive Coding in C#

e1bee Pluralsight Defensive Coding in C part1 rar
Size: 496mb # server:

Defensive Database Programming with SQL Server

190643445XDataba pdf
ISBN: 190643445X
Size: 4mb # server:
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