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Hilbert Functions of Filtered Modules

Hilbert Functions of Filtered Modules

play major roles in Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra, and are becoming increasingly important also in Computational Algebra. They capture many useful numerical .. read >
Non commutative Gelfand Theories A Tool kit for Operator Th

Non-commutative Gelfand Theories: A Tool-kit for Operator Theorists and Numerical ..

that, in a sense, are not too far from being commutative. Essentially, the algebra under consideration either has a sufficiently large center or is subject to a higher order .. read >
Smooth Manifolds and Observables

Smooth Manifolds and Observables

how differential calculus is a natural part of commutative algebra. This is achieved by studying the corresponding algebras of smooth functions that result in a general .. read >
An Introduction to Gr bner Bases

An Introduction to Gröbner Bases

This book provides a concrete introduction to commutative algebra through Gröbner Bases. The inclusion of exercises, lists of further reading and related literature make this a .. read >
Auslander Buchweitz Approximations of Equivariant Modules

Auslander-Buchweitz Approximations of Equivariant Modules

unifying the Cohen-Macaulay approximations in commutative ring theory and Ringel's theory of Delta-good approximations for quasi-hereditary algebras and reductive groups. The book .. read >
Generalized Lie Theory in Mathematics Physics and Beyond

Generalized Lie Theory in Mathematics, Physics and Beyond

aimed at quantization and discrete and non-commutative extensions of differential calculus and geometry, non-associative structures, actions of groups and semi-groups, .. read >

Introduction to Commutative Algebra

Introduction to Commutative pdf
ISBN: 0201003619
Size: 5mb # server:

Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra

1447148282 pdf
ISBN: 1447148282
Size: 6mb # server:
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