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Games of No Chance 3

Games of No Chance 3

such as Go and Hex, on impartial games such as Chomp and Wythoff's Nim, and on aspects of games with infinitesimal values, plus analyses of the complexity of some games and .. read >
More Games of No Chance Reupload

More Games of No Chance (Reupload)

latest in some of the hottest games (Amazons, Chomp, Dot-and-Boxes, Go, Chess, Hex). Many of these advances reflect the interplay of the computer science and the mathematics. The .. read >
A Tundra Food Chain A Who Eats What Adventure in the Arctic

A Tundra Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure in the Arctic (Follow That Food Chain)

a peregrine falcon as it aims for its prey? Chomp with a caribou grazing on grasses? Sneak up on a polar bear fishing for its dinner? Follow all three chains and many more on this .. read >

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen

HiaaChom epub
ISBN: 0375868275
Size: 3mb # server:

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