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The Magic of Chess Tactics

The Magic of Chess Tactics

imagination and precision. The Magic of Chess Tactics helps you develop these qualities. Aimed primarily at aspiring chess players from club to master level who seriously want to .. read >
Winning Chess Tactics

Winning Chess Tactics

| 7.33 Mb The essential guide to the use of tactics, the watchdogs of strategy that take advantage of short-term opportunities to trap or ambush an opponent and change the course .. read >
Teach Yourself Better Chess

Teach Yourself Better Chess

ideas underlying good chess strategy and tactics. .. Teach Yourself Books | 1997 | ISBN: 0340670401 | 157 pages | PDF | 22,1 MB This illustrated guide is one of a series designed to .. read >
Elements of Positional Evaluation How Chess Pieces Get Their Power

Elements of Positional Evaluation: How Chess Pieces Get Their Power

How chess pieces get their power. Big seller. This book is a true rarity, one with original insight into the authenic principles of the ancient game of chess. The author imparts .. read >
Paul Morphy A Modern Perspective

Paul Morphy: A Modern Perspective

fresh and instructive look at the strategy and tactics of the American legend, and their relevance to the modern approach to the royal game. .. Publisher: Russell Enterprises | ISBN: .. read >
Sam Palatnik Lev Alburt Chess Tactics for the Tournament

Sam Palatnik, Lev Alburt - Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player

Third in Grandmaster Lev Alburt's Comprehensive Chess Course series. The first two volumes used only materials that worked well in the former U.S.S.R. This book contains hundreds .. read >

Course in Chess Tactics

1906454140Chess pdf
ISBN: 1906454140
Size: 5mb # server:

Batsford/American Chess Promotions Chess Tactics (Batsford Chess) - Alexander ...

Alexander Kotov - Chess Tac jvu
ISBN: 1906454140
Size: 4mb # server:
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