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Elements of Positional Evaluation How Chess Pieces Get Their Power

Elements of Positional Evaluation: How Chess Pieces Get Their Power

How chess pieces get their power. Big seller. This book is a true rarity, one with original insight into the authenic principles of the ancient game of chess. The author imparts .. read >
The Magic of Chess Tactics

The Magic of Chess Tactics

| 2003 | ISBN: 1888690143 | PDF | 29,7 MB Chess is 99% tactics. So to be a good chess player, you have to spend a lot of your training time on tactics. Although basic tactics are .. read >
Lev Alburt and Roman Pelts Comprehensive Chess Course

Lev Alburt and Roman Pelts, Comprehensive Chess Course

Publisher: Chess Information & Research Institute | ISBN: 1889323004 | edition 1996 | PDF | 223 pages | 2,6 mb Amateur chess players have a new weapon in the battle to improve .. read >
Nunn s Chess Openings Repost

Nunn's Chess Openings (Repost)

Publisher: Everyman Chess | ISBN: 1857442210 | edition 1999 | PDF | 544 pages | 37,2 mb Nunn's Chess Openings is the chess-player's new bible. This single volume covers all chess .. read >
The Golden Treasury of Chess

The Golden Treasury of Chess

pages | PDF | 15,2 MB The Golden Treasury of Chess is one of the most popular and most often reprinted and revised chess books ever created. It is filled with hundreds of the most .. read >
The Power Chess Program Book 1 A Unique Training Course to

The Power Chess Program: Book 1: A Unique Training Course to Improve Your Chess

Mb Begun as a correspondence course, The Power Chess Program is now available between covers! A series of 12 lessons guides the student through the essential elements of chess .. read >

The Chess Instructor 2009: The New in Chess Compendium for Chess Teachers, ...

905691247X pdf
ISBN: 905691247X
Size: 18mb # server:

Chess Information & Research Institute Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player ...

Alburt L Palatnik S - Che pdf
ISBN: 905691247X
Size: 5mb # server:
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