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Cooking The Brazilian Way

Cooking The Brazilian Way

pork chops, black bean stew, and codfish bites. Also includes information on the history, geography, customs, and people of this South American nation. .. read >
Canon of Medicine

Canon of Medicine

minor surgery, tumors, wounds, fractures and bites and that on poisons. The fifth book contains the pharmacopoeia. Because the Canon constituted a monumental unity which .. read >
The Fruit the Tree and the Serpent Why We See So Well

The Fruit, the Tree, and the Serpent: Why We See So Well

pointing would have reduced deadly snake bites among our hominin ancestors. It might have also figured in later human behavior: snakes, this book eloquently argues, may well have .. read >
The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

cures for everyday problems such as insect bites and muscle aches, as well as for serious chronic disorders such as osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes. Torkos .. read >

Philosophy Bites

Philosophy Bites pdf
ISBN: 0199576327
Size: 1mb # server:

Philosophy Bites Back

ufzev Philosophy Bites Back epub
ISBN: 0199693005
Size: 2mb # server:

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