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Adolescents Media and the Law

Adolescents, Media, and the Law

of a free media when it comes to children and adolescents. Many believe that this constitutional right should be amended, altered, or revoked entirely to prevent the young from .. read >
What Can Parents Do

What Can Parents Do

However this shift is only now transferring to adolescents, with research exploring how the roles that adolescents and parents play in their interactions can lead to problem .. read >
Adolescents after Divorce

Adolescents after Divorce

or consistency between the two households? Adolescents after Divorce follows children from 1,100 divorcing families to discover what makes the difference. Focusing on a period .. read >
Normal and Abnormal Fear and Anxiety in Children and Adolesc

Normal and Abnormal Fear and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents

of abnormal fear and anxiety in children and adolescents, and to integrate this knowledge in a comprehensive model. This book also gives an update of the current scientific status .. read >
Loneliness in Childhood and Adolescence

Loneliness in Childhood and Adolescence

| 2 MB Loneliness is experienced by children, adolescents and adults across varied cultures. In the early 1960s and 1970s, some authorities in the field of psychology did not .. read >
Doing Therapy with Children and Adolescents with Asperger Sy

Doing Therapy with Children and Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome

Diagnoses of Asperger Syndrome in children and adolescents are on the rise, and while a limited minority of clinicians has training and experience in this area, a majority do not. .. read >

Electroconvulsive Therapy in Children and Adolescents

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ISBN: 0199937893
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Sports Injuries in Children and Adolescents

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ISBN: 3540885897
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