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Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML  CSS

Teaches Build Your Own Website The Right Way using HTML & CSS, 2nd Edition, Web development from scratch, without assuming any prior knowledge of HTML, CSS or web development techniques. This book takes you to HTML and CSS, how to cooperate with the author, step-by-step to follow to build a fully functional website from scratch.
Unlike many other learn, "web design" books, this title concentrates on modern, best-practice procedures from the start, which means that you do it right the first time, the web pages you will see will be built:
Good look right on a PC, Mac or Linux computer rendering of whether your visitors use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari web standards so your pages load quickly and easy to maintain are accessible using to enable disabled users to to search the screen reader to use the Web
At the end of the book you will be equipped with enough knowledge, set out on your first projects as a professional web developer, or you can easily win the knowledge that you have to make attractive, functional, usable and accessible websites Create your own personal use .

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