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Relativity Gravitation and Cosmology

Cambridge University Press | 2009 | ISBN: 0521131383, 0521761190 | 309 pages | PDF | 4,4 MB
Aimed at advanced undergraduates, this self-contained textbook covers the key ideas of special and general relativity and their applications. In full colour, it contains numerous worked examples and exercises with solutions. Key points and equations are highlighted, and each chapter ends with a summary list of important concepts and results.
Advance praise: ‘The author has done a great job of producing a text suitable for upper level undergrads and even first year graduate students. The graphics are very good and I particularly appreciate the concise chapter summaries and the exercises with solutions. Students will love this text. I will definitely use it in my upper division classes.’ John Huchra, Harvard University
‘The presentation of special and general relativity is remarkably clear, with explicit derivations and explanations accompanied by useful and relevant exercises. This text strikes a nice balance between theory and applications and does a commendable job of bringing undergraduates up to speed on a challenging topic. I highly recommend it for a first undergraduate course in general relativity.’ Jeremy Darling, University of Colorado

Table of contents:
1. Special relativity and spacetime
2. Special relativity and physical laws
3. Geometry and curved spacetime
4. General relativity
5. The Schwarzschild solution and black holes
6. Testing general relativity
7. Cosmological solutions
8. Our UniverseIndex.

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