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Margaret W Matlin Cognition

Publisher: Wiley; 6 edition | ISBN: 0471450073 | edition 2004 | Scan PDF | 634 pages | 37.4 mb
This text's success has come in large part from its up-to-date coverage of important research and theories and offers the latest and most comprehensive overview of cognition on the market today. Recent developments in perception, imagery, problem solving, and creativity are highlighted along with advances in such areas as memory and language and expanded theoretical approaches.
* Up-to-date, carefully revised coverage of topics
* Clear, engaging writing with numerous examples: Students do not need to struggle to understand overly complex descriptions
* Extensive, useful pedagogical devices
* Application of cognitive psychology to other disciplines: Many applications relate to careers that students may intend to pursue, such as education, communication, business, consumer psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, medicine, and law
* Margaret Matlin has a strong reputation for her research in cognitive psychology

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