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Publisher: Sybex | Number Of Pages: 377 | Publication Date: 2005-01-21 | ISBN-10: 0782143784 | PDF | 15 Mb
Almost all web designers use Cascading Sheets to control the presentation of the websites they construct out of HTML. Why learn one and then the other when you can just as easily—and much more effectively—learn both at the same time? This book's integrated approach speeds your progress and leaves you with a stronger, more cohesive set of skills.
Inside, you'll learn about:
* Writing well-structured HTML for use by any web-capable device
* Designing page layouts using CSS
* Controlling fonts, colors, backgrounds, borders, and margins
* Using lists to create attractive, button-like menus
* Using images as backgrounds, links, page content, and decoration
* Creating and styling forms
* Personalizing your weblog
* Understanding and applying design and usability principles
* Publishing and testing your pages
* Validating your code
* Making pages accessible to all visitors
Throughout the book you'll find real-world examples of effective CSS-based pages.

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