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PHP Professional Projects

The book offers a practical approach to learning PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, a server-side scripting language is. The book is aimed both at beginners directed, and advance level reader. Readers may only have the basic knowledge of HTML, or may already know web programming. The reader will create the PHP concepts they learn in the book professional projects. The book begins with an overview of some chapters, which cover the key concepts of Web programming. These chapters serve as an information store for programmers that may need to brush their prior knowledge of programming. A large part of the book revolves around professional projects. These projects will allow programmers to the various tasks by learning a simple to complex approach. Each project includes a specific subject area and leads the reader through using practical scenarios. The projects range from a simple project to create the simple input of web pages containing HTML and save the information into a text file. Then move the books to complex projects involving the creation of Web pages with PHP scripts and store information in MySQL databases. These projects will help the programmer to achieve their goals through an understanding of the practical and real application of PHP web page in the making. Each project in the book is a guide for the reader to a part of a great website to create.

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