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RESTful Java Web Services

If you are already familiar with REST theory, but are new to Java REST web services, and want the Java technology in conjunction with the REST-stack Java framework to create robust Web services, this book is for you.
This book is a guide for the development of RESTful web services using Java and the most popular RESTful frameworks now available. It includes the theory of REST, practical examples of the encoding REST client, a practical overview of the REST design process, yes, it is of the traditional web application development differently, and a complete implementation of a non-trivial web service with the following conditions: Jersey's JAX-RS, Restlet RESTful Lightweight, JBoss JAX-RS RESTEasy and Struts 2 with the REST plug-in.
One begins with an introduction to REST theory, for example, what it means for a Web service to REST what it means for a Web service to exchange representations of resources, and what it is, only the conventional HTTP request method types use GET, POST, PUT, DELETE for client / server communication. Before moving into the planning and implementation of a non-trivial web service, we look at a number of example Java applications, existing RESTful services, which are freely available (Google, Yahoo, enter Twitter) connected. We then have a handy overview design process for RESTful Web Services, and then the four most commonly used frameworks cover up to date: JAX-RS implementations such as Jersey and RESTEasy the Restlet framework and the Struts 2 REST plugin. We cover the particular conditions in detail for you to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each framework and to start developing your own Web services after the first reading, what is more, the whole source is included for you to change and implement in your own Web services. Finally, we discuss the common issues that confront power REST Web Services, and practical solutions for safety-related issues such as authentication and data transfer.

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