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Hardware Bible Sixth 7th Edition

Going through a long-winded description of what a computer is doesn't seem to make sense when you can see what a computer is, sitting right in front of you. It's a box, a keyboard, and a screen with a headache attached. Rather than looking at a strictly formal definition of a computer, it's probably more useful to learn what it is with a more practical approach: Examine the machine in front of you. After all, you can see the parts and how they fit together. If you have a desktop computer or a tower, you've got a big box with an empty slot or two on the front and a bunch of jacks and connectors on the back. A notebook scatters the slots and jacks all around its edges, but in either style of case you get essentially the same repertory. And, if you look closely in either case, you'll see that all the parts are held together with a few screws. With a flashlight in hand, you might be able to squint through the slots and see some of the internal parts. Get daring and twist out the screws, and you'll get a much better view. But there will still be something you cannot see—what those parts do.

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