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CCNA Wireless Official Exam Certification Guide

this book uses quite a different style from typical certification-preparation books. The newer Cisco certification exams have adopted a style of testing that essentially says, “If you do not know how to do it, you will not pass this exam.” This means that most of the questions on the certification exam require you to deduce the answer through reasoning or configuration rather than just memorization of facts, figures, or syntax from a book. To accommodate this newer testing style, I have written this book as a “real-world” explanation of Cisco wireless topics. Whenever possible, key concepts are explained using real-world examples rather than showing tables full of syntax options and explanations, which are freely available at As you read through this book, you will definitely get a feeling of, “This is how I can do this” rather than, “There is the general syntax I need to memorize,” which is exactly what you need for the newer Cisco exams.

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