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Negotiating for Dummies

For Dummies | 1996 | ISBN: 1568848676 | 384 pages | PDF | 2,5 MB
Unless you live alone in a cave, you spend a good part of each day negotiating – with your boss, your staff, your vendors, or clients, with your spouse, your kids, and even your neighbor with the rambunctious rottweiler. Negotiating is all about getting what you want in life. And whether it’s closing a multimillion-dollar deal, buying a home, or debating body-piercings with your teenager, the basic negotiating skills required are always the same. You’d be surprised how quickly you can master those skills, with the right coach to guide you, and you’d be amazed at how you’re life can be transformed once you do.
Get ready to be transformed. Negotiating For Dummies offers a new approach to getting what you want in life, based on personal integrity and persuasion, not tricks and coercion. In plain English, master negotiators Michael and Mimi Donaldson explain the six steps to successful negotiations and arm you with tested-in-the-trenches techniques that help you:
Get people to do what you want without threats or deceit
Always negotiate from a position of strength
Achieve win-win results in every negotiation
Build trust, goodwill, and mutual respect
Communicate more clearly and effectively
Advance your career
Reduce stress in your everyday life
Stop spinning your wheels in endless debate and miscommunication. Discover how much easier and more rewarding life can be once you’ve mastered the simple, easy-to-master methods for:
Identifying your values and creating a mission statement
Developing a plan based on thorough research and putting it into action
Setting limits and sticking to them
Maintaining your emotional distance
Fine-tuning your listening skills
Communicating clearly and handling hot -button issues with grace
Reading signs of resistance and receptivity
Dressing for success
Monitoring and controlling your body language
Closing the deal
How well you do, how happy you are , and whether you get what you want, or get passed over, have a lot to do with how good a negotiator you are. Let Negotiating For Dummies show you how to become a master negotiator.

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