book-download Abraham Lincoln in the Post-Heroic Era: History and Memory in Late Twentieth Century America Book

Abraham Lincoln in the Post Heroic Era History and Memory in Late Twentieth Century America

In the 1920s, Abraham Lincoln had overcome the continuing clashes of the Civil War to a secular saint, to the north and south alike honored for his steadfast leadership during the crisis. During the Great Depression and the Second World War, Lincoln called upon countless times as a reminder of America's strength and wisdom of a good ideal was tired, against the citizens see their own hardships in the right perspective.
But, as Barry Schwartz shows Abraham Lincoln in the post-heroic age during those years represent the culmination of Lincoln's prestige. In the decades following the Second World War brought about a radical change in American culture, changes to the decreasing of heroes led Lincoln-not least among them. As Schwartz explains, growing sympathy for the situation of national minorities, disenchantment with the American state, the reduction of patriotism in the wake of the Vietnam War, and an intensification of the celebration of diversity, all of which contributed to a culture in which neither Lincoln nor a single person is a heroic symbol for all Americans. Paradoxically, however, Lincoln the very culture that is an object of indifference, questions, criticism and even ridicule was a culture of unprecedented philanthropy and social integration, where race, ethnic and religious groups to treat each other more fair and equitable than ever before. Just as the prestige of the great liberator shrank to thrive on his legacy of equality further.

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