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Abraham Lincoln as a Man of Ideas

This book offers a glimpse into the soul of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was an experienced politician, an inspiring leader and a man with humor and pathos. What many may not realize how much he was also a man of ideas. Despite the scant formal education, Lincoln's enormous intellectual curiosity drove him into the circle of the philosophy of the Enlightenment and the democratic political ideology.And from these developed a series of Lincoln political convictions, which carried him throughout his life and his presidency. "Abraham Lincoln as a man of ideas", a compilation of ten essays from Lincoln scholar Allen C. Guelzo Lincoln reveals the sources of ideas and examines the beliefs that led his career, bringing an end to slavery and the Civil War. These essays show Lincoln to be a man impressive intellectual honesty and depth, and a man of great contradictions. He was an apostle of freedom, do not believe in free will of man, a fighter for the Constitution, which is outside of her step, she had to be saved, a man with many friends and admirers but few friends, one man , who opposed to slavery but also against the abolition of it, and a man of political wisdom, the more risks taken on himself than any other president. Guelzo explores the many facets of ideas, Lincoln, and especially the influence of the founding fathers and the great European champions of democracy. And he connects the sixteenth president of the struggles with the issues of race, emancipation, religious and civil liberties, the challenges that these issues continue to provide the Americans today. Lincoln played many roles in his life - lawyer, politician, president - but each was driven by a core of values, beliefs, and assumptions about the economy, society and democracy. "Abraham Lincoln as a man of ideas" is a broad and exciting overview of the ideas that big of Lincoln, as we celebrate the bicentennial of his birth.

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